Athletic Canine Enthusiast Society

organisers of all breed activity days

On this page we will explain what we can provide, we are available to hire at our own field or away, the list of disciplines we can provide at our field is on our ACES at home page and the disciplines we can provide away from our base is on this page, please contact us through our contact page for more information. 

Straight lure racing = By far the most popular discipline we do, the dogs chase a carrier bag that is being pulled along by a specially made lure machine, we can time dogs with digital timers or do it just for fun.

Simulated coursing = Again very popular, coursing is very similar to straight racing, the difference is its not straight, we can do zig zags or a horse shoe shape, the latter is how we run the discipline when we do events like Paws in the Park and All About Dogs. 

Hurdles = One of the very popular disciplines, a member of our staff hold the dog/dogs while the owner gets to the bottom of the run over the hurdles, once the owner is ready they call the dogs and they are let go and timed. 

Long Jump = for long jump the dog is expected to jump over the poles, we record all clear jumps and see how far the dog can complete. 

A-Frame = This discipline requires the dog to go over the A-Frame, it can be used as a competition, so how many times the dog gets over in 60 seconds, or it can be used as fun. 

Speed Pull = Speed pull is normally done over 50 meters and timed, the dog pulls half of its body weight over that distance, dogs must always wear a harness for this discipline. 

Tug of War = Dogs are anchored and presented with their chosen toy, normally we would have a bungee between the toys also, the dogs play safely tugging at their own toy, the winner is the dog that holds on the longest. 

Tread Mill = A treadmill is a very popular piece of equipment with dog trainers, these mills are purely powered by the dog, you can track how fast they are running as well as what distance is covered. 

Track Mill = Track mill is a very simple bit of equipment, you have 2 poles set at a distance of choice, these poles have wheels at the top, a continuouse piece of string with a bag tied to it that runs back and forth as the wheels spin either manually or electronically depending on what type of mill you have, the dog chases it back and forth.